Use the Defense Travel System (DTS): DTS must be used for all orders and vouchers. You will be provided an itinerary 2 weeks before the start of your course; DTS orders will not be approved without a complete itinerary. One DTS order will cover the entire course, simply add unit funding data for expenses not paid by NDU (see below).

Civilian Fellows (and non DoD): there is no tuition for Pinnacle but you must fund your own orders.  Lodging is provided.

Orders and Vouchers: Pinnacle will provide Cross Organization (CrossOrg) funding 2 weeks before your course start date. Cross Org LOA will be provided.  

Orders:  Arrival Sunday before class starts and depart from Washington DC the Friday of the last day. The course is expected to end by 1500 on Friday.  This course is entirely conducted in Washington, DC at the National Defense University aboard Fort McNair.  Arrival into Dulles International Airport (IAD) or Reagan International Airport (DCA) are both options.  Dulles is about a 40 min taxi ride.  DCA is about 15 mins.  Taxis are reimbursable in lieu of rental cars.

Rental cars are not necessary.  Our contract hotel is a 5 min walk from NDU.

NOTE:  Pinnacle does not reimburse costs of airline tickets from Washington, DC to Norfolk, but will reimburse a one way rental car. Tickets from Wash-Norfolk are usually cost prohibitive. 

Fund Cites are not provided.